Monday, May 22, 2006

Fade-Out for freckles and brown spots

1 of my reader Christine posted a question that i would like to address. Her question goes like this:

"Im currently also using Loreal SPH50. But the problem is my freckles still will appear after I apply it with my SPH30 foundation, is still the same. I thinking is there any solution to cure and prevent freckles, Ms Fashionasia. "

Note: I am not medically equipped to provide you solutions to skin problems. However, I'd like to share some of my personal experience and suggestions. I leave it entirely up to your discretion to digest the contents.

Firstly, "Is there any solution to cure and prevent freckles?"

My answer is, i'm afraid not. I do not think so freckles can be cured, however to "prevent" or "reduce" them i see as plausible. I reckon freckles comes with the genes. Of course, to ensure that i do not mislead my readers, i've done some research.

First of all, What are Freckles?
" Freckles are flat, circular spots that typically range in the size of the head of a nail. The spots develop randomly on the skin, especially after repeated exposure to sunlight and particularly in persons of fair complexion."

Solution to prevent freckles?
"Freckle prevention is obviously better than developing them and then needing to treat them. Therefore, anyone with an hereditary tendency to freckle -- who freckles easily -- should wear sunscreen whenever appropriate and also minimize their sun exposure. The aim here is twofold -- to suppress their tendency to produce freckles and, much more importantly, to reduce their risk of developing skin cancer"

Ways to Treat Freckles?
"bleaching cream"
Please read the article for more technical details. I know nuts about the scientific bleaching ingredients so i wont put them here on my blog. Well, because i do not endorse skin bleaching.

All the above are quoted from
Please head over there for more information.

Ms.Fashionasia never had freckles before so personally have not been using any cream of that sort. However, The Mom has it. And it being hereditary(touch wood) I did take note of what product she had been using.

Images from

Buy them online from Folica

Fade-out is a UK product. It is a treatment cream which gradually fades out unwanted freckles, age spots, uneven skin tone and brown pigmentation marks on the skin. My mom have been using this for more than a decade, so i reckon it must be pretty good. Perhaps you can give it a try.

Secondly, to address your question about
"freckles still showing even after applying foundation"

My guess is that, you are using water-based foundation which is quite liquidized.
There are couple of solutions to it.
1. Invest on a good concealer. I wrote a post on concealer before last year. I like the bodyshop concealer stick. Cheap.
2. After the foundation, apply a good doze of face powder
3. Buy a long-wearing foundation. The one that i'm currently using and would recommend is Revlon Colorstay range. The foundation is really wonderful. Hides all the ugly pimples crinckles and wrinkles and all the kles you can think of!! hehe


caffeinated said...

ok, what if i WANT freckles?

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how to get them. Make sure you get pimple scars or something and then go tan yourself. It'll look like freckles. I got them before. Too doesn't last coz it heals quite fast.

Those products that is said to heal pigmentation and all those stuffs. Well, it doesn't work...not even if you buy expensive counter products. The thing is, you may be able to lighten it but pigmentation is an ongoing process as long as you're still alive so even if you lighten it today...chances are...a few weeks later, the same spot will darken itself again.

Fashionasia said...

Mr.Caffe: u r trying to make my life difficult izzitt!! :P

Skay: thats bcos u have young skin!!! hehe...btw i do agree that pigmentation comes as soon as u rid them thats y ppl go for cosmetic surgery.

irenekay said...

i think the only way to get rid of it is mom went for it...

caffeinated said...

fashionasia? why say liddat? see, s-kay came up with a solution. :) I'm sorry, I was just teasing you.

Anonymous said...

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