Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Clothes For Men

I thank my lucky stars that the hubby is not Mr.Skin&bones.
That is because if he is, it'll probably be a great blow to my female ego. :P
My mom says that the hubby have the height and body of a male model. *pouts*...wish i could fetch such comments but well........tough luck, its just never ment to be. Asian height+western size is never a good combination!! kekeke

Anyway, i like it when the hubby wears a longsleeve sweater. It looks nice on him, therefore i've been on a mission to get him more of them. However I cant quite find good looking ones. The only brand that I could find that have sweaters are Camel Active and Renoma. Seed also have some nice ones as well as Nicole. Of course, the ones from Seed suits our local climate more because it is not too thick.

As for window shopping, I found myself some pretty cool looking clothes set to turn a plain joe hunkalicious.

From eLuxury:

Of course the most handsome model gets featured first! keke...
This is a jersey-like longsleeve. I like the boyish look on this model although im almost certain that he is indeed ....well.....just a boy. heh

this one looks quite casual and comfy but i dont quite like the crewneck

This one is simple and plain. What i like about it is that its 100% cotton.

OK i know this is a windbreaker but it looks good no? comment on this one. Kinda like it and kinda like it not....?!?!

From Nordstrom:

The texture of this sweater looks too thick for our climate but it looks good nontheless. And the color makes the old look young. :>

Ok this is probably a golfers attire but i still like it.

But most of all i like it best when the hubby wears his powersuit. *wipes seliva"

So guys, if you're looking into revamping your looks. You can probably take these looks as a guideline.
But as the fashionistas say "its not what you wear that matters, its how you wear it." :)



irenekay said...

hrmmmm...if i suggest my bf to wear long sleeve he'll freak out.....due to BAD BAD BAD and Sunny weather in KL....

he's scared of heat...hrmmmm

but i like guys who looks good in the 4th pic.... 5th too if they can pull it off...1st they gotta be MEDIUM built and no bellllllly plz!!!!!!

shawnchin said...

> "its not what you wear that matters, its how you wear it."

I fail on both accounts. :(

Ianfluenza said...

I am glad to learn that your blog does cater to men's fashion interests too... Or maybe it always has been, just that I have not read your previous posts ever since I came..

Who does not agree with our creativity in fashion being greatly influenced by the climate we live in?

Living under a near-boiling temperature, accompanied with the excessive grilling heat from the ball of fire strongly discourages us from wearing any attire too thick for ventilation.

Albeit the growing trend in compromising comfort for fashion, it is much easier to play around or mix & match gears in cooler climates, inevitably...

Anonymous said...

love wearing suits :) but climate here too hot, sometimes batik more comfy!

and i simply love long sleeve ts/sweater too - my closet's full of 'em ;)

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Ooh I love men in suits too! *sighs dreamy-eyed* When I was studying abroad,

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