Monday, May 15, 2006


Hey folks!! Ya I'm back from my mini holiday! Really enjoyed myself, its been fun to unwind and not thinking about work for once.
Well, Hows the Pearl Of the Orient?
Hot hot hot!!! Cannot tahan the heat.
Sorry cant find my cable so i can only make do with this photo i took from my PDA. Hehe....Not like if i find my cables i would showcase my pictures here anyway.....bruahaha...I mean, who would wanna see a walrus in a 2 piece swimsuit anyway? Exactly. Now scoot off.....nothing to see here...

Oh ya, I totally shock myself because I DID NOT BUY A SINGLE THING!!!!! *Gasp!!*
(ps. Theels: lemme know where's the little batik shop next time. :>)
The reason why i did not buy anything is because the gang that i went with this time around are non-shoppers but Eaters. I had to like.....somehow plot some plan untill the driver finally brought us all to the gurney plaza. However i was rather dissappointed cos i came back with nothing. :(
Secondly, the bazaar along ferringgi was selling lots and lots of batiks and souveniers for tourists. And well, i can get those stuffs at much lower price in petaling street.

However, i think i probably brought back an extra baggage of 2KG due to awesome gastronomic affairs.

Sigh.....good times never lasts long. Now back to reality......


caffeinated said...

WHo would want to see a walrus in a 2-piece swimsuit? What, are u kidding??

That'll be a newsworthy picture! I didn't even know there were walruses in Penang, much-less in a swimsuit!

wait...u didn't mean that literally, did u? hard to tell sometimes.


chong y l said...


Be carrefool even while in Penang -- stick to haojien and charkeowteow. The lust time I had a chat with the four mophaired boys from liverpool about The Walrus, I think the Commies were held in hi esteem. I donwan you getting into trouble with the ISAmen:( I no powerfool frens in Penang. If you don undersatynd what I'm sayin, it's OK, the code is with me and the trick is keep these Peace Mt people afar.:(

TH said...

I just can't seem to remember the name of those 3 shops. Will check it out for you when I've the time.

Bt Feringghi stuff all cut throat. Even locals speaking Hokkien also need to bargain for like 15 mins before getting a lower price.

Anonymous said...

You stayed at Evergreen Laurel?

Fashionasia said...

wow are good!!
hehe...nope....i stayed at different places. This one is taken next to Evergreen. :>

Anonymous said...

You know how I know? Coz of the pic you took. I took the same shot too before when I stayed at Evergreen Laurel =PppP