Wednesday, April 19, 2006

VO5 Shampoo and Conditioner

2 Saturdays ago, I finally went for a haircut. It was a brave move as I finally decided to have my Repunzel-length hair cut and at the same time to do somesort of treatment.

I cant' emphasize enough that hair treatment is very important to keep one's hair healthy and in good condition. I normally have mine done every quarter. But if you got the loot then a monthly treatment is desirable.

I havent have my hair cut differently since at least 5-6 years ago. That was a pretty long time sticking with the same hairstyle and length. The reason i finally brave myself to have it done differently is because of the scary amount of hair loss i've been suffering lately.

I must say i was rather satisfied with the outcome. I still have long hair now but it only reaches the brastrap, unlike previously where it touches the bum. Thats a whole lot of hair gone!! aduh sayang......
Plus, i also had it layered quite a fair bit so the head feels rather light now.

After spending a good RM265 on my hair......yes i did 2 form of threatment besides the cut....and 3 whole hours in the saloon!! heehe........ The stylist told me that i have to get myself a good branded shampoo and then introduced me to some saloon shampoo that cost almost another 200 i'm not interested. Too $$$$

However, i've decided that i need a good shampoo to maintain the shin and bounce from the threatment and so i got myself a VO5 from Watsons.


For more reviews visit:

I didnt' see the Volume Boost one, if i had i would have gotten that one.

I got both the shampoo and conditioner. Its nice, the smell is lovely and i'm seeing much improvement in my hair condition. Plus, it is not very expensive. Although it IS about double the price of a sunsilk. :>


Anonymous said...

wow, you mean your hair was that long previously?

yeah, looking after your hair is very important, more so for guys who have a higer tendency to shed hair and go bald, compared to ladies.

VO5 products are pretty good :)

Admin said...

i quite botak oredi, so i use Lux soap.

Anonymous said...

I tell you, eversince I started classes and the top layer was exposed to the sun kau kau until it now frizzes!!! But after using Redken - Smooth Down (quite reasonable lah...) it got better. I got no money so I do my treatments every 6 month once. Sobz

Fashionasia said...

laksa: yup it was THAT long.....i have eyes on me everywhere i go....kinda miss the attention though....*winks*

ahpek: ahaaa......but thats y you are botak!!!! told u 2 use a good shampoo ma.... Ya see, lotsa guys like to use lux soap to wash their hair. Thats y most of them go bald by 40. :> food for thought

skay: twice a year go to saloon. Other times DIY. Good enough for a college girl. :>

chong y l said...


I seldom SHAMpoo my HAIR.
Butt I c'unt them in desPAIR
Cos one MCA Youth became BILLionaire by 29
I wanna no if I'm MILLionaire in kind
I was at 999,999 then I had2 answer Da Sultan's call
Now I'm in Da I-Land Grande Hall...

PS: I await thee
"Da Answers" you promise Desi!


Fashionasia and other bald people out there, its true that the ingredients of sulphur laureth sulphate in shampoos actually caused hair fall. I had a small bald spot at the top of my head from using shampoos with SLS as the main ingredient. it causes more buih, that's y they have it in them. SInce then, I used the brand FULL TOP, tapi quite expensive, RM25 for a small bottle but it helped a lot. SInce then, i've been looking for a cheaper alternative, so, carila baby shampoo but most baby shampoo pun ada that ingredient. Last2, jumpa shampoo Pureen baby shampoo and using it ever since. My hair fall not as bad as before. Another brand is Himalaya shampoo. Ok jugak and quite reasonably priced.
So, its ur choice. For me, SLS made me botak quickly.hhehehhe

chong y l said...


Off topic, Off course because of the blardy Crooked 1/2 BridGe--
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TH said...

Sodium laurylsulphate or commonly known as SLS is present almost in every shampoo, detergents and other cleaning stuff. It's a surfactant, so yes, it produce bubbles too. Of course, surfactants are toxic but in a minute amount, it doesn't cause baldness. Imho. But of course, it might contribute if the hair's sensitive, etc.

Btw, could a patch of baldness be due to the tendency to wash the hair at one spot first? Most people after squeezing out shampoo will reach for the top of their heads and start shampoo-ing. Had anyone thought about that?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what I usually do =)

Anonymous said...

touches the bum?! use it to whip ur husband leh? :P

Anonymous said...

Can we stil get vo5 products in malaysia stores?