Thursday, April 27, 2006

0 passing rate?! Goodness gracious me

"An island school in Sabah has secured the dubious honour of getting a zero pass rate in the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) last year.

Twenty-four students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Mantanani sat for the Year Six examination last year. None passed. " ---

I can't help but to comment on this piece of news today.
I can't help but laugh out loud when i read this article awhile ago.I know i may sound mean. I don't mean to redicule but i found the news really.......erm.......can't quite find the right word.......

0 (ZERO) passing rate???!!!! and not the first time!!!!?! goodness gracious me.
The poor kids, are they having the right teacher teaching them?? Though there maybe a public uproar about the remark of a MP on divorced women, i don't give a hoot. Its mere words and I'd rather channel my concerns over the poor childrens education than the verbal attack issue.

Its time like this that i wish my last name is Hilton. grr.....not that i WANT to be Ms.Paris....yucks....i cringe at that thought, but if i'm as rich as a hilton princess, then i don't have to work and i can channel more efforts in helping the poor and needy especially in the area of education. I must admit that sometimes i wish i can be a modern florence nightingale and just go out there and do something!!

We are already in year 2006, really its not that far away from 2020. And we still have schools with 0 passing rate??
I know the education ministry is getting quite a big chunk of money for the 9th Malaysian Plan and i do hope that something will be done for the poor children and no i don't mean providing them with computers and leave it at that. They need proper guidance and proper teachers.


Anonymous said...

They're having Christian Dior Warehouse sales again. Bah. Too bad I can't go!!!!!!!! Same place as last year. You went right?

Cheng Sim said...

about the 0 passing rate, i think its a great time to blame the teachers!

chong y l said...

When I read it glancingly, my impression "O" passes meant "average" -- didn't know it was "zero".

FAshionistA: can you gather a band of sisters in liberty to go there every year-end LONG holiday to teach them the 3Rs? I can prepare some modules for you-lah. Esp wRiting in English, King's ! Reading okay oso, but English poems and short stories -- no hamsap one! As for aRithmetic, no patience-lah, leave to you ladies-lah!:)--like s-kay, chengsim?

Anonymous said...

I would prolly end up throwing the kids into the river...i have no patience too =P

FA : It's Friday and Saturday. Same place until 7pm from 9.30am.