Thursday, March 02, 2006

My 2 cents worth, make that 30 cents la....dont blame me, its the inflation!

I'm not the kind that likes to go against authority, I believe authority is there for a reason. I also don't believe in people who says that laws were made to be broken mambo jumbo. Lame excuses. I think i've grown much, I did not get all worked up since the petrol increase have been announced. Yes of course I'm upset over it, who doesn't?? But that's just inevitable. The government, the PM for that matter must have had a good thought over the issue and its probably for the good of the country. Sometimes, I'm disgusted over our overly "Malaysian" attitude at that the moment something thrown at our way, the first thing we do is complaint, lament, express negativity. Same goes to those at the work place just disgusted at the fact that we almost always have a rebuttal over anything that authority decides and never stop to rationalize for a moment.

Just like when we were kids, we cannot comprehend our parents and that we thought they don't understand us but as we grew up, we actually learn that parents did what they thought were best for us. Not necessarily right all the time, but most time they were right. Why? Because they "eat salt more than we eat rice"- the old people says.
Same goes to the current issue, we almost always criticize the PM, our leaders for what they are doing but have we stop and actually thought for awhile there, how difficult is it to be a PM, to be in that position??? You cannot please everybody and there are certain steps that needs to be taken like it or not.

I'm not trying to be a good samaritan here and I by no means is a blind follower. But i see something in this current issue that actually scares me. Is the finance situation of our country shaky? I have a strong feeling it is. The people "in high places" must have realized something coming and that the country needed the money. The rainy day, its really near isn't it? I can feel it in my bones.

Yes I'm upset that if petrol price increases that means an increase in EVERYTHING. A can of coke in SS2 would probably be RM2.20 now. Gosh.....
You know what i hate about Malaysians??? In mandarin there is a proverb that goes something like "taking advantage of the fire to steal". Well, THAT is just plain evil. THOSE people are the enemy here. People who take advantage of the petrol increase to increase their prices and then put the blame on the government. They are not helping at all.

Other than that, I felt that the government's effort trying to "explain" things over a session with our DPM just made it worst. You don't have to explain a way, just TELL us the country needs the money. Don't have to give the excuses of our petrol being the lowest rate after Brunei and comparing with other countries like Singapore where it is double or UK which is much more. My dear, you forgot our measly PAYCHECK. Howmuch are WE earning on average and how much Singaporeans are making?? Their petrol costs double but their pay is double too. Furthermore, we are a PETROL exporter!! Our country produce petrol!! They don't.

OKla, enough of my blabbering, I feel better now. Up UP Up everything Up cept for the paycheck remain stagnant. Inflation i tell you.


mama23beas said...

Yeah...the one I cannot tahan is when they say petrol is still cheaper than some countries in the region. No need to say that la...menyampah I;(

Anonymous said...

The thing is, we're facing inflation because our spending power is low due to the non-existent increase in the people's wages. Companies do not see that by increasing the quality and efficiency in productivity, they can save more despite the increase in cost and might actually be able to increase a lil of their employees' wages (if not more) to help the country fight inflation. But no, everyone just know how to complain but not see what they can do to help the country's economy and improve their own personal situation.

I wrote that in one of my comment reply.

And I too hate it when they compare. Bugger, ppl earning how much..we earn how much. Go use that stupid economics equation and count..Spore pays higher price for fuel but their income is able to support it thats why they still have spending power

What i hate also it that companies say, "Labour cost increase" and you dun see your salaries increase.

Jeremy C said...

if you think that's bad, wait till the gahmen impose GST next year. A price hike of between 5% to 10% is expected on every single good and service - when that time comes, i think we can all eat maggie mee at home and ride bicycles to work...

Bike Drool said...

spiller said...

Somehow I see your point.

However I have to disagree in the sense of yes, government needs money and they can do whatever needs to be done to raise the fund.

But pls justify the goddamn action with some positive reaction!

The people up there are getting richer everyday. How could a MP (u know who) for 2 terms affords to build a half-million bungalow?

Our transportation sucks big time. Our infrastructures are so bad even shit can get into our water supply. And for god sake don't even mention our drainage system! Just look at TTDI in Shah Alam.

All we need is proof and justifications. Then I'm sure less people will complaint.

blinka.Li said...

bluefish, i love your comment.

our gahmen very cute one...always like to compare the wrong things. I learnt from my friend that in UK, their govt always consistantly checking on the standard of living, hopefully to balance off the income and expenditure. But here, they dont. Worse still, our gahmen dont tell where our money goes to. it is ever closed account. whenever we ask, they will hide hide hide. if they dont have enough money, they will have the face to ask from us AGAIN and AGAIN!

i was so surprised that the used to be 10sen lollipop is now 70sen and with this 30 sen increased in petrol, maybe it would be increased to 90sen? OMG! Crazy!

Wanna compare? y our neighbour money which use to be the same value now become more than 2 folds? Want to compare somemore? shame shame!

Anonymous said...

just blog hopping... cool blog u got here :)

fishtail said...

That live interview by that guy in suit was pathetic. Really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

We all hv something to say about Mr.30sens. And i do agree with u that its inevitable and that the real enemy are those who increase their prices unreasonably.

But in actual fact, what can we do when they do increase? There are outlets that dont display their prices - so we dont even know if its increased.

Thank God, I dont eat out too much these days -and i suspect many are not as well.