Monday, March 27, 2006

Its a Comforter, Quilt or a Duvet?

A friend of mine wanted to get me something as a belated wedding gift and so she asked me if i use a quilt.

Now, I uhhh-ed for a moment and said yes. Now this is because i've always called them "comforters" and i was thinking for a moment if those are called quilt too. So i think quilt is the same.......similar goes to the Duvet. Am i right?

Personally I like the word Duvet. Sounds so classy rite?
hehe.... i guess its similar to the Pants and Trousers being the same thing, depending if you're using British English or American english.

Do correct me if i'm wrong. If there is any difference between them do enlighten me please. :)


Anonymous said...

yep, they're all the same thing. except that quilts tend to be hand made with designs that tell a story. or patchwork.

in OZ, it's doona. ^_~

Anonymous said...

Not really. Just as Champagne is reserved only for the drink produced in the Champagne region in France (while all others are supposed to be only called "sparkling wine"), Duvet is reserved for comforters filled with down from the geese bred in the region of Duvet in France.

No, ahahahahah. I'm just kidding.

"A duvet is also sometimes referred to as a comforter, although comforters are primarily decorative while duvets are used for their warmth."

irenekay said...

I thought you sleep on quilt??? I always thought it's the uppermost layer on top of the bed???no????
but compare quilt and conforter, quilt are slightly thinner

VaL Kay said...

Hrm. Duvet is those really thick and warm keeping ones. Quilts are urm...those which need a cover. They look like hotel's comforter without the cover(plain ones). Comforter I think is a name to call all these =P Not to forget blanket!

Mumsgather said...

I call them comforter, my hubby calls it a doona. To me they're all the same accept for a quilt. A quilt is a handsewn patchwork.

n.emator said...

mumsgather & midnite lily is correct - a quilt is hand-sewn patchwork. Not filled with anything.

Comforter and duvets are filled with cotton, fibre or goose down. That's why they are thicker.

In Australia, duvets are called doona.

A blanket is entirely different. It is just a single piece of thick cloth, with no fillings.


Nonetheless, the comforter here are referred to as the ones with designs on them and already has a cover.
The rest above are the same as my understanding-duvet & quilts.
Doona is a first for me.
Great info!!

Fashionasia said...

oh so enlightening!!! Thanks for the sharing ppl!! I've never heard of a doona before!!!
Quilt is supposed to mean those patchwork!!aha.... oh we use to make our own blankets that those days....i guess its called a quilt then.

i must say i like project_n 's answers the convincing i was nodding my head....untill i read the just kidding part...haha :)

Jeremy C said...

doona = australian
duvet = british

they're the same thing, with detacheable covers (meaning you can change it anytime.

comforter, on the other hand, already has a cover on it and cannot be removed.

Otto said...

The Scots call 'em trousers... pants to them, refer to what they lack when the men don their kilts... hehehehe...

It's the other way around in England.....

Don't even ask me what we are supposed to call them then... trousers or pants...

Personally I refer them as trousers and try to refrain from using the word "pants" because:

1. My dictionary said so.
2. Alex's Scottish... so masuk kandang kerbau moooo, masuk kandang kambing emmmmbek...