Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I got Jennifer Lopez's hair yo

Recently a friend told me i reminded her of Jennifer in Monster-in-law.

har??? Where got?????
Its the hair lah, Thats about it.

I think i wanna snip of my locks and make it shorter because the rediculous amount of hair i've be shedding scared me shitless, excuse the french. I think if i continue shedding somemore the next thing you'll know is that i'd be coughing hairballs.

I'm looking for a good shampoo that strengthens the hair. I normally interchange brands for my shampoo but i think i'll go get me the Sunsilk Ginseng one. I used it before and its quite ok. I like sunsilk. :)

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Jeremy C said...

yeah, i've got friends using it and they gave pretty rave reviews on it :)