Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rizalman Ibrahim

Greetings from Rizalman Ibrahim Group of Companies Fashion Asia,

We are pleased to extend an exclusive invitation to our loyal customers to our SALE from 10th February to 10th March 2006 at selected outlets. Get fabulous discounts and enjoy great buys during this period.



I received the above mentioned email recently. So Rizalman is having sales. Woohooo!!!

In case you don't know, Rizalman Ibrahim is one of our local Malaysian designer who actually made it to the top in this industry. OKOK, not like I HAVE bought any of his collections. But I ALMOST did.

Ya see, while preparing for THE wedding, I had initially wanted/prefered to custom make my gown. 2 Local designers that i've enquired of are
2.Beatrice Looi
(Beatrice is another darrlinggggg....but i'll leave her for another post)

I fell in lurveeee with 1 of Rizaman's bridal gown collection. If not mistaken should be 2005 collection.

OK, gimme a sec while i look for the picture from my harddrive. it is......Let me show you the picture.....

Lovely isnt it??? I don't know what is the ummphhh factor that got me gaga over this dress but i guess its partly the photography, partly the tie-em-up ribbon, partly the tiara. But all in all, I tot this is THE PERFECT wedding dress for me!!!!
So I had wanted to custom-make the exact same dress thus I enquired the price. To make this baby would cost me approx 5k. :)

hehe.....not that the price IS the factor because If i had insisted for it, hubby dearest would gladly allow me to have it. However, time did not permit as I was totally running out of time. Plus, I was "ding-donging" in my mind if i should do it or not (get the dress done).

In the end, futunately for hubby dearest, I decided against it la, I wouldnt have enough time to get it made on-time for my photography session anyway.

Nonetheless, I think rizalman's creations are pretty cool, although you are most likely not able to get Rizalman HIMSELF talking to you as he got his people to do all the PR and the sales and stuffs, so personality wise I have no idea how is he, But if you see his picture in his website He is kinda cute :)

Soooooo, if you like couture, if you have the $$$, head over to rizalmans and tell him Fashionasia sent you!!!

err.....if he say Fashion who???? just ask him to remember the name la.......and gimme more discounts....kekekke

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Jeremy C said...

nice :)

love the dress!


I dah lama fall in love with him and his creations. Mmm...hunk. Anak angkat dia, Umar pun adorable.
THE DRESS IS FAB!!! You could have copied the style and mintak ur tailor jahit.I do it all the time...
Mana gambar kawin u?nak la see the dress..boleh?

Anonymous said...

aisey, just tell him you're a famous fashion blogger, i'm sure rizalman will entertain you...

Jenoya said...

oh yea that was the design that I wanted. I went to his boutique and yea it was RM5k at least for that design. Gulp... So I asked my tailor to make something like that with RIBBONS! heheh

qifa said...

do visit his blog...