Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Finally saw the show on DVD.
Can't say i like the show very much but i absolutely enjoyed looking at smokin hot Jolie.


oh heck I want her body and her eyes...and her elegance.....and her class.......

I think i enjoyed watching her throughout the show than Mr.boyboy Pitt.


Anonymous said...

Same here!!!!

And there was this talk show goin on, on MTV and this guy was like saying, "I don't think I can find any girls who don't like Brad Pitt" and I'm like, "Here, here...I'm here..and I don't like Brad Pitt"

Fashionasia said...

high 5!!
Never liked him.

I never liked jolie either.I dun fancy pouty lips. But then now i understand why everyman wants her!! heck even every girl wants her la!!! How can someone be SO HOT??!!! jelesnyaa.

Yoong Family said...

after watching the show, i couldn't get that song out of my head. the one when they first met.