Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Like Photoshop

I like photoshop. I can make myself look thinner!!! kekeke........And make myself look mysterious with the blur effect so that everybody thinks i'm a chun chick.

But one thing I don't know how to do is to photoshop skin color. How do I make my skin color rosy pink and blemishless? Anybardee care to teach this not-so-chun-but-can-con-ppl-that-i-am chun chick har?? Izzit using the dodge tool?

I was on the scale this morning. Shitake!!!! Lost 5kg and gained back 1kg. Now i have 6kg more to loose. With CNY makaning sessions........*gulp*........I dare not think.



fishtail said...

Postpone the weight-losing session to after all the CNY makaning sessions :)

Contented Mum said...

Just enjoy the CNY lah, think abt weight lose after the season! Gong Xi fa cai.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if this helps
Photoshop Tutorial

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year in advanced!!...hehe no more receiving ang pau for u :p said...

When you expert dy, I can hire you to be my plastic surgeon or not? I also want.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and enjoy those angpow giving session!

Anonymous said...

yes, u can use dodge tool.and u can use blur tool as's all about creativity and exploring..if u explore more about photoshop, u'll be surprise what photoshop can do..happy photoshop-ing! :-)