Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Do I desire?

Inspite of me secretly desiring to "change-line" <--literally translated frm mandrin meaning change of trade, i still went for the interview. Same line(industry), similar workload, boring ol' IT me. But a bigger title, bigger role and of course bigger pay cheque(This i like. heh....)
I do want to get the job and i hope so i get it. But, if i get it will i take it? Now THAT needs me a decision making tree.

I'm comfortable where I am at now but the ambitious nature in me just wants more. 4 years is indeed a long time staying put. But do I still want to continue in this line? Or do I want to venture into something totally different. Gee sometimes I can be pretty fickled.

Ya know what, I really really want to go into Beauty & Fashion industry. But without the experience, who would wanna take me in ??!!! I guess i'm stuck in this industry. The one made up of only 2 numbers. 1 and 0.

Thanks to those who wished me luck. For your information the interview went pretty OK. To me, i think i did not kick @ass. Rather dissappointed that I lack some factor that they were looking for (different background). Other than that the guy was pretty impressed with me as a person. The friend who was the introducer told me there were no negative comments and sounded positive. Anyhow, I'm undecided. I saw the criteria, the role and the expectations. Geeewizzz.......its gonna zap the life out of me man!!!! Do I really want this? Do I really??


Darren said...

So will you be passing by my office again?

Olive Poppy said...

That's a question many of us constantly ask ourselves, whether to do something we're truly passionate about, or something we're familiar with. And most of us lack the courage to take that leap of faith, to let go of our old self and venture uncertainties.