Monday, October 03, 2005

Telemarketers should at least learn some basic curtesy

Today i received a call from some whocareswhatcompany in Singapore with a lady called Nicole.

She totally irritated me. Blueeeeh!!!!

Firstly she called and asked for my boss, so i told her he is not around. Then she asked for me. Then i said yes, i am she.
Then she started to tell me she is so n so from singapore so n so company running so n so campaign and wanna do some survey.

At that point of time i was rather reluctant already but oblidged.

Nicole Q1 : have you in any point of your life invested in something for your future (err...not exactly her words but she asked me if i got somesort of savings or investment kua)
Me : Nope

Nicole Q2: May i ask what category does your annual income belongs to. A. less than 15k USD B between 15k 30kUSD or C. More than 30K USD......
Me: (At this point, i felt very uncomfortable and don't feel like continuing this survey as i have no idea why is she asking me all these for. So i said.) I'm sorry i'm not interested in doing this survey...i'm very busy.

Nicole: you have a personal email address? Can you give me your peronal email address...
Me: no i'm sorry im not interested.

Nicole: Are you telling me that you are 37 years old and do not have any savings???
Me: (blardeee hell......... if u want to do survey at least get your facts right!!!!) I AM NOT 37 YEARS OLD
Nicole: you're not 37? ........ You're 35 years old and you're telling me you do not have any savings?? (in a veryyyy condescending tone)
Me: (GGGRRRRRR ......... I'm not 35!!! and when did i ever tell you that i don't have any savings anyway?!!! i say i don't make investment only what?!!!) I'm sorry i'm going to put down the phone, i'm not interested in whatever survey you are doing........*click*

phewww.......sorry girl but i had to put down the're very annoying......

she was still blaberring when i (very politely n even said sorry) slam the phone on her..........she was getting louder and louder.

I can decern that she was also annoyed by me. But then you should be more polite what. Who are you to tell me things only my parents should ever tell me?!!! COCONUT lah.........I feel very offended loh when a stupid stranger calls and ask me personal questions and then scold me that i'm 37 years old and dont have any savings when i'm a decade younger and i do have savings. Pttuiiii......

I keep on telling her i'm not interested and she insulted me further. Duhh.... At least the ppl from Citibank have more curtesy and knows when to stop. I get calls from Citibank all the time but when i told them i'm not interested, they politely say thank you.

Dont you just hate it when things like this happen? I think Nicole should get her scripts rewritten.

Watta way to kick off my week.

Fashionasia says Thankew Spankew!!


mystic said...

Telemarketers r like tat one lah...i get alot oso esp from citibank....grrr....irritating sia.

Yoong Family said...

"I'm sorry i'm a gazillionaire and I burn money because i have too much and i can buy your whole corp just to fire you and make you stop calling me. OK, miss?"

Anonymous said...

Being an ex-telemarketer, she deserved that from you. I get irritated at other telemarketers like that too (one of my colleagues last time). These people ought to learn the basics of being a good telemarketer. Because of these bunch of crappy telemarketers, the whole industry gets a bad name. Crap.

And btw, I dun think she should be considered a telemarketer. Telesurveyor maybe? Coz she wasnt selling any products =P said...

At times like these, don't you just wish those F words that we write so often on our blog can just fly out of our mouth. Hahaha.