Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sogo Preview Sales & other random stuffs

Last Friday was a public holiday for Selangor and so me n fiance had to go to KL to do some stuffs. Since we reached KL around noon, we thought well its lunch time so we might as well go find food and then go to settle our stuffs after lunch lor.

That day dunno for what reason it is so terribly jammed in KL!! why har??? all PJ ppl go down town kacau izzit? I guessed so.

Thus, we ended up in Sogo cos its nearest to our destination. ohmygoodnessssss.........the jam was terrible horizible...vegetableeee!!!!!!! Finding a parking space was a total battle. Sogo was jam packed i could hardly breathe...... yikes......and even if i could, i try not to breath. You know why? every inch also got people lei......and i hate the sweaty ppl smell........yuckssss. I don't know if
i'm agoraphobic or what, i just hate places with "people mountain people sea". Especially when everyone around me stinks.......i'm was soooo afraid they sneeze or cough in my face....eeeeks.

oh nowonder so many people, it was the Sogo preview sale.
Sigh, normally i kinda like to shop in Sogo during their sales because i find that they have lovely shoes. I signed up for the member card so that i could enter. But in the end i did not buy a anything at all!!! Why? cos the que was so blardeee long. I wont go to any preview sales anymore. I'd rather wait till the crowd subside and take my own time browsing through stuffs.

~~~ End of Sogo story~~~

Oh ya, girls, remembered i talked about the pink ballet flats i was looking for?? I saw exactly this
pair at the shop called Momoe at 1 utama. So pretty!!!!!!! (look almost like this lah but no heels n more sporty looking)
I wanted to g
et it but they dont' have my size!!!! @$#%@#
I think i'm going back to check if they have ne
w stock. I just cant' get my mind out of it. You now how suffering it can be having the nagging thought and flashing thoughts about the beauty in my mind every single day......

Oh ya, and i am SO GONNA GO to the Christian Dior Warehouse sales this weekend!!! ;) yey!!!


Boinq said...

hey you left a comment on my blog. :P i lost 5 kilos erm not that hard lah.

i lost 3 by giving up things like rice,noodles and everything fried.
oh and i drank ALOT of water.

the other 2 i lost because of the fasting month. hehe.

10 kilos in one month is a bit extreme. but if you're really trying to lose weight ASAP, my friend's friend dropped about 5 kilos in a week by only eating breakfast and drinking water the rest of the day. she had a function. but after that when she started eating again, it came back up.

mystic said...


Preview sales muz go early one....:P Tis Saturday got Christian Dior warehouse sales??? Alamak, am going to Frasers leh :(

fishtail said...
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fishtail said...

It's always like that; when PJ is a holiday, KL jam; when KL is a holiday, Sunway lagoon jam.

Anonymous said... really a shopping kaki...

Anonymous said...

how come you seem to spot nice stuffs at Momoe? Everytime I go there, I don't see anything i like =P

I wanna go to the Dior sale you think they'd have nice nail polish? I love theirs..ahahha. moolahs all gone's almost end of the month..hmmm

Anonymous said...

how much are the pink flats in Momoe ar ?

Fashionasia said...

vivica: thanks for the tips! lets work on the 10kgs together-gether ya! ;)

mystic: Friday oso got. If u want anything sms me. I try to get for u la.

fishtail: sunway lagoon jam?? really har? haha....long time never go already...

maria: little bit larrr....;P

skay: if u go first, let me know the feedback!! I think i will go on sat.

anonymous: i think so its RM39.90. plus 10% discount

Anonymous said...

I thikn I also wanna go on Sat coz bf working on Sat..might as well take train down meet up with him at his office then drive to the place.