Saturday, October 15, 2005

Flat-Out Pink!!!

I havent been shopping for the past week because well, i've totally burnt my pocket last month. Plus i have just recently fork-out a thousand bucks to service and repair my ol' trusted junkie (my car lar). Thus, i'm refraining myself from visiting any shopping centres.(not for long....would probably end up in 1 tonight?)

So, to ease my itchy backside, i did some on-line window shopping instead. I'm looking for Pink footwears. With the recent Breast Cancer awareness campaign, there are plenty of pinks everywhere and thus delights me to bits!

I love window shopping online because it really mean window shopping as most of the stuffs that i fell in love with, i cant' buy them. Why? as usual, they don't ship to Malaysia!! ugghhh..... Anyway i count it as a blessing to control my impulse purchases.

Today, I head over to zappos. And pretty!! Let me just showcase a couple of lovely flats that i intend to look for.

Braided Flat with Charms
SKU #7160500


(5% off - was $528.95)
Free Shipping!

Kinda expensive lar this one, but i just love the uniqueness of the design and detailed flowers.

HUGO Hugo Boss
SKU #7160714


(25% off - was $248.95)
Free Shipping!

This elegant beauty is from Hugo Boss. I just loved the details of the criss cross design infront and a sleek slingback. Good enough to wear to a dinner or even casual wear.

Steve Madden
SKU #7212857


(14% off - was $55.95)
Free Shipping!

This maryjane ballet flats with floral design is absolutely soothing to look at and makes you think of spring!! very cheery.

Next up is the Naughty Monkey series which is all so desirable!!!





This is my favourite amongst all the naughty monkeys!! hehe


Me Too
SKU #7193326


(12% off - was $72.95)
Free Shipping!

Two Lips
SKU #7217237


Free Shipping!

This pair is one of my favourites and pretty affordable too.

Head on to Zappos for more!!

PS. Can somebody tell me what on earth are "Vegetarian shoes"?????


chong y l said...

To thy PS, an educated guess can? If I gotitrite, FA, wil you send me a pair,ken2?

"Vegetarian shoes" made by nikku at shaolin templess for fetish=ers who like to smell, smell, then kiss, kiss, finally eat,EAT the shoes.

HumbleReader stands corrected, but I steal want a pair of VS!:)

JT said...

Shoes not made of leather. I think.

mystic said...

Eh woman, I think there's sale in Vincci, saw lots of pink shoes at the Mid Valley one this morning and I was seriously tempted too bcoz pink is my favorite color & also tat dress ST bought for me is pink. Was looking at a pink kebaya today too...hehehe :) Wat u say???

Anonymous said...

PINK shoes in Vincci? Migawd. That would be the last place I would go for shoes man! Their design quality drop like mad adi and everyday there is like CRAZiness. The shoes are all chucked and never arranged. Blargh. Totally killed my shopping experience there months ago.

I prefer Nose but they also don't have many nice designs anymore. Which is why, I'm currently out of places to shop for shoes because all the other shoe shops do not cater to my taste somehow, I'm looking for sparkly pink flats. Found one but they ran out of my size. Sheesh.

If I'm not mistaken, I saw pink shoes in Nose, and I saw this bloody nice heels there too....damnit, it's just too bad I'm supposed to refrain myself from purchasing anything (especially shoes) before December. ARGH!

Speaking of pink right, for the first time in my life I really wish that I'm an anak datuk lah! I saw so many nice pink stuffs at Escada (I think) KLCC today.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. And thank goodness Malaysia has no four seasons or else I'd prolly need a whole room to fit my wardrobe.

Wow, that was alot typed out. I went to MidValley & KLCC, gua tak tahan see nice stuffs and cannot buy. Argh! I did buy blue butterfly clips from Maggie T though. You gotta love that place =P It's so girly.

mystic said...

Ewwo,went shopping with ST again over the weekend & yes, he bought me shoes expensive ones...but no pink ones tho :( which he say to go down south next week to get wor.

irenekay said...

yeah...vincci sorta sux lately, and Nose...YES nice where can i stock up my shoes??

errm.... no where in KL!! (unless cat's whiskers have nice pairs)

I tried shopping in Charles n Keith (SG) designs there worst than vincci...

HOW LEH!!!?????

Jeremy C said...

hmm...such nice taste in shoes...if i were your boy, i'd feel awfully proud going out with you :P

JellyGirl said...

I love Kasi and Princess best!

irenekay said...

I saw something similar to Temple at Nose....just that the beads and sequins are more colourful....

Hey, could u post out all the links you surf at the site bar so all of us could jus click, rather than sometimes i have to go through your archives for selected designs...:)

Fashionasia said...

desi: very the wronggggg

miss-j: smart girl. Yup you're right. Vegetarian shoes means non-leather shoes.

mystic: i very jeles....duwan to friend u liao....u got so many great shoess!!!!

Skay n IreneK: Yup...agreed. I havent bought any shoe frm vincci for quite sometime already...blueh.... Nose is okay....lately voir also have kinda pretty ones....but nowadays i like to buy frm random brandless small lil butique. Recently bought something frm Blay.

Jeremy C: sweet... Thanks for the compliment!!

Jellygirl: So pretty isnt it!!!!

humblewarrior: window shopping online gives u more fashion ideas....minus the spending loh....

Irene: if i put all there i think the list will be very long leh.....lemme try to lah ok. when i have the time ;)

Otto said...

If we ever go shopping together, every few minutes you'll hear me exclaim, "Wahhhhh so pretty....." and more often than not (which is likely to be almost 90% for certain) it is something pink.

I love pink shoes, pink blouses, pink sweaters, pink bags.... pink this... pink that... I've gone all mad pink in London this summer purchasing not one, not two, not even three but F-O-U-R pairs of shoes from Aldo, ALL BLOODY PINK!

So in all, now I own 6 pairs of pretty pink shoes and I look at them each morning, thinking, "So prettttttttyyyy..."

And as a direct result of my pink fetish, I've steered clear from anything pink - esp shoes.

I do have a pair that resembles Kasi but in bright blue. Mmmmm... gonna give my shoes a good squeeze now.


Unknown said...

You got me on the vegetarian shoes. Love the blog.

mystic said...

Fashionasia: :P U jeles for wat?Oso got no pink shoe leh :( , all the shoes ST bought for me tat day, not tat nice color one but I tak berani to say wait he dun wan buy for me liao....hehehe

Anonymous said...

This is the SUPER girly version of Google Search. Check it out.