Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My 100th Post!!

Congratulations to myself!! I finally made my 100th post!! Gosh i didn't know i'd last that long. I thought i'd be over blogging in like a couple of post for this is not my first blog. I started one some years back with only 1 post that wasnt even published because i was too shy!! Sheeshhhh

I bought quite alot of stuffs this weekend and i'd like to list them down:

1. Pink blazer [[ RM 39.90]]
2. Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair lotion (whitening)---- [[RM 200]]

(this is actually non whitening one, the whitening one is slightly more expensive. If you have uneven skin tone the whitening one helps)

3. Estee Lauder make-up set worth RM 1,200 but i getto buy it for [[RM195]] if i buy anything above RM 150 which i did on the above item. ( oh i love love love love it!!!!! its such a good buy!!)

4. Pink blouse. a little spegetti strap v-neck with matching mini tie-a-ribbon cardigan top. (erm...not very good at describing la) [[RM 26]] (U Parkson. Bought this using the RM20 voucher i got from buying item 2+3 so end up only paying RM 6 for it)
5. 1 spegetti strap [[RM6]] (value buy)
6. 1 babydoll spegetti top dress [[RM30]] (at 50% off)
7. Christian Dior -DiorAddict Plastic Gloss [[RM 72]]

(Now, something incidental on lipglosses. At first i wanted so much to get a Stila so i went to the counter and browse, seriousely i was rather dissappointed as the quality of the product is no so up to my expectation, comparitively for the price. Anyhow the girl in the counter asked me to give it a try, i was abit reluctant(er not fancy about trying testers due to hygene reasons) but i asked her if its hygene?? she said ya cos they use a spatula and the brush. So i let her put on the lipgloss on me. The end result was not so nice so i gave up the idea. I headed off to CDior counter and got this instead. Its rich and really lovely. I think i got the one number 364 in pink. Yesterday my lips felt rather weird n itchy, i think i had a funny allergy thing going on. I suspect its due to testers i tried over at stila. Bummer.....)

8. Some hair clips [[RM 11]]

9. 1 long pants in pink for the niece [[RM 35.90]] (at 50% off)
10. 1 pink blouse for another niece [[RM 10]] (value buy)
11. Bedroom Quilt cover set [[RM 204]] (RM689 - 70%)

wah!!!! i'm scared to even sum up the total........

hey girls, dont buy like me if you're still studying and living on your parents ok!!! Fashionasia do nottttt i say NOTTTTTT encourage such behavior unless you're paying for them yourself.
Fashionasia only started using Estee lauder when she started working and paid for them herself. Of course it helps when the fiance is willing to pay for item 2+3 so that fashionasia did not burn her pocket. ;)


Anonymous said...

congrats on the century post!

Anonymous said... did count how many post? I want to count, but then later I forgot about it.
waliau...when you said to me you will go shopping, and you REALLY mean it :D.

MJ said...

haha so nice to hv personal banker :) I love Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss too! Did u try the Plastic?

JT said...

I've been thinking of getting that Dior gloss! How's is it?

Fashionasia said...

simon : Thanks for being with me since the begining!! hehe

maria: nolah i didnt count but when u log in to blogger, they show howmany post u have

mj: i bought the plastic gloss!! its superb!!!

missy-j: highly recommended if you ask me. I love the rich texture.

Anonymous said...

YOU BINGBONG!! I can't believe you bought so many stuffs!!! Jealous giler...make up set worth RM1200 at RM195..I am so gonna rob you! =P

UGH...wait wait...stupid shopping splurge is still 2 months away..argh!!!

Oh...if you guys (I meant girls) are into nail polishes right...itu Dior punya damn really last!

Reta said...

huahhhhhh... shopaholic man you lol

irenekay said...
such a coincidence i was browsing it to ship it to a fren's place in States......
its only RM20+++ for your Estee Lauder thingy.... *wink*

Fashionasia said...

Skay: hehehe.....its really worth the RM195!!! really!!! the cosmetic case is such a beauty plus there's this special casing for brushes and all!! sure you're drooling...

cyberred: err.....not all the time laaa.....about once in a purple moon kua...

irenekay: oh but the one i bought is 30ml one....the one on the site is small little tester kind..

Darren said...

Oi! Post something about men's fashion lah.

Anonymous said...

You are so mean telling me all that!!!!!! Argh! You wait you wait...I'm gonna make you drool soon too *bluekz* =P

Optimist said...

Ok, where's the champagne?
Congrats! =)

ABC said...

your post was inspired by Albert Einstein?? O_o.."(Einstein's equation turns 100) Albert Einstein's best known equation, and probably the best known aspect of all physics, E=mc2

September 27, 1905 is generally considered the birthday of the equation because that is the day that Einstein's paper outlining the significance of the equation arrived in the offices of the German journal Annalen der Physik."

September 27,2005 is the 100th anniversary =)

Spirit Fingers said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. Do you find that some of the Estee Lauder lipsticks have a funny chemical smell?

Peter said...

Anybody try Lancome lip gloss before or not?

Appreciate if your can give some feedback

Anonymous said...

Peter : I am using one now and I like it. Juicy Tubes that is.

Reta said...

babe, you were mentioned in Rage paper today =)) if you need it let me know will scan it for you

anjali* said...

Wah. You quite rich also, huh?
I envy you :)

Fashionasia said...

darren: i know i know!! i owe someone some men's fashion tips too!!

skay: don worry im waiting for ur HK and bali trip too so that i can see pretty pictures!!

torment: yey!!! cheers!!! oh so u r still alive!! hows the lurveeee

once a life time: whoaa!!! seriously? i din know that.....either its pure coincidence or im just pure genius! u know what they say about great minds.

sierrav1: wow...lucky you!

spiritfingers: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I *heart* you to bits!!! I ADOREEEE your blog!! OMG cant believe you visited my blog. I am not worthyyyyy.......kekeke. And yes, estee lauder lipsticks have funny smell. But the glosses are ok

Peter: erm....i never own one but i tried 1 from the counter. The Tube gloss(colored ones). My opinion? All tube gloss are about the same. Dislike? the fact that the color sink down to the bottom & when u squeeze the tube, the colorless gloss comes out first and then the color, then u gotta mix mix...abit messy.

cyberred: no kidding??!!! eerr.... Rage what ah??? LoL...silly me.....i dont read much papers except thestar. Scan request puhleess???

anjali: im not richlaaa.......ask me what car i drive!!?

Yoong Family said...

what car you drive?! benz? merc? audi? KTM?