Friday, September 02, 2005

Ms.Tsunami westernised and changed name to Ms.Katrina?

I choose to write this post as a tribute to our friends over in the US. Quite a large amount of readers i have are from the US and i can't help but to think that some of them might have been victims of the recent tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina.

It struck me that only less than a year ago, we were hit by the tsunami over this part of the world. And now, the tsunami probably decided to change its costume and westernise its name to Katrina and migrated to the US.

Ever since the hurricane hit, my tv was on 24 hrs a day on channel 90 (CNN). Both my parents are intrigued by the news and the immensity of the episode.

My heart goes out to the victims, I know for a fact that I may not be able to comprehend their angst, even with the recent haze was bad enough to irritate my daily affair let alone having to endure life without electricity, food, water …etc...I’m sure its hellish not knowing when things will go back to normal again.

It is at this type of situation that I treasure Malaysia so much. Being at the foot of mercy of the Almighty is truly by grace. It took only a week for the haze to totally clear up and the sun and the rain came back. I’m so thankful to be alive… be in Malaysia.


Darren said...

bodies floating on the streets and the rescue team are too busy searching for alive victims to pick them up.

chong y l said...


I join thee in sending condolences, saying a silent prayer, to the victims of (femail)gigantic storm.Natural, not human, so it's somethin we can't prevent.

PS: Just nudging you to continue THE CHALLENGE, just SEVEN hours more to deadline. Desi kindly provided some fresh CLUES and mis-leads2! (5.46pm now...)via COMMENTS&ResponseS.


-median said... replies from u eh..hahaha..