Thursday, September 01, 2005

I know my period is on the way when....

I know my period is on the way when:

1. I'm non-stop hungry. i need to eat and eat and eat.....and still feel hungry
2. I feel blotted, i see fats everywhereeee! especially the tummy
3. All clothes doesn’t seem to look good on me
4. Pimples popping up in unsightly places and its humungous and painful
5. I have cravings for junkfood
6. I feel lethargic
7. The nipples itch
8. The breast becomes delicate ( i know of some ppl who feel their breast hurt but i don't suffer that)
9. Prone to fall sick, the sniffles, headache...etc.
10. Feels irritated and agitated for every little thing.

When i die, I think i will go to heaven where everyone is Man.


Fashionasia Confessions:
I broke my promise to Mr.Practical about no junkfood. I bought myself a pack of chickadees and gobbled up a whole packet without him knowing it.
boy those chickadees taste guuuuuud. yumyum..........thinking of buying another pack. Arghhh...i feel so guilty.

Fashionasia Fashion Updates:
kekeke.......went to midvalley to shop shop shop during merdeka. Spent close to RM200 in Elle alone. Bought a black low waist pants, 1 shirt-dress(formal), 2 elle low waist undies. Can't help it cos 70% off ma....
I went out forgetting to put on any earring so when i saw those babies.....i knew its mine........I bought them earrings for RM44 !!!! SO DARN EXPENSIVE WEIIII!!!! my most expensive pair of earrings to date. Show u all when i snap the pic ya. I din even bother to wrap it up i just put them on there and then. fuhyoooh, my ears never felt so pampered before leh....

Then i went browsing at Watsons and came out empty handed. Not untill i came back home and read the newspapers did i realize that the Maybelline Mascara (the XXL one) was on a special ONE DAY ONLY Merdeka Sale!!! argghh!!!! usual price is RM 35.90 but was selling at RM22.90 oni........shooooot......i was theree!!!! but i didnt knoww.......argghh...

Also bought some girly girly sparkly hair clips form Maggie-T. Will show u pics when i'm less bogged down....probably after next week. Gonna be reaallyyyyyy busy for the coming week due to some event i'm involved in so excuse my hasty posts ok!!

Fashionasia busy bee........buzzz


irenekay said...

I get the same symtoms as u too before my menstrual....and chickadess!!! YEAH baby....i bought myself 2 packets after the long absense of that junks..old skool junks!! (i think we are getting ours the same time.....:P)

take the pic of your earrings!! i'm an accessories buff and i thought i'm the only adults (whom trying to look teens) whom buy hair accessories from maggie T and Girls!!!

lynnee said...

when it's around the time my period is due, i'll start getting obsessed with cleaning up.

which is a good thing. once a month house-cleaning (otherwise it would be a once-a-year thing!) :D

Yoong Family said...

Fuh! Now Pesen-asia also doing top 10 lists!!!

Don't feel guilty about spending and splurging. Think about it as fueling our economy, and giving joy and fulfillment to those poor salespeople...

JellyGirl said...

Aaah the joys of retail therapy. And I just love wearing my purchases straight after buying. :)

I'm constantly hungry too when I'm getting my period, and I crave all sorts of food, like cookies and lots of meat. hehe.

mudslinger said...

i know that cleaning up bit. everywhere i look, i want to tidy up. my workstation is so cantik now.

fashionasia and irenekay,
i also go to Maggie T, which my husband say is really for kids. i don't care. i love their bags too!

Fashionasia said...

irene, mudslinger:
haha!!! great !! i have kaki already!!!
yala i do like to go to girls and maggieT. They have lovely girly accessories. But girls are more for tweens and teens. MaggieT also the same but dont you just love their hairclips!!

sorry once awhile pinjam ur top10 signature post!!kekeke....

JellyGirl: take a look at my next sure u like.....

oh how i wish i have that symptom!!!! my room wouldnt be such a mess....

lynnee said...

i love them elle undies too :D