Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Doze of Fashion

To my dear fashionista readers,

I'm so sorry i've deprived you from fashion updates and beauty products reviews. I know i have been talking about myself and my personal thoughts lately that i havent posted any fashion related stories much to your disappointment i presume.

Lately i've bought some stuffs but i guess id do my posting one at a time.

Last week i went to Alamanda (the only shopping centre in Putraja
ya) for lunch and while i was there i manage to do some quick buys.

I manage to drop by Bonita. Bonita is a chainstore selling fashionable accessories. They have lovely bling blings, much like the infamous Sinma chainstore, except that Bonita is a little more upmarket and the price is a tad more expensive

I spotted this choker necklace.

I immediately recog
nize that i spotted the exact type of choker during my previous trip to singapore at Bugis Street. I almost bought it for SGD 18 (i think) but i refrained myself cos i thought it was not worth the price.
Here at Bonita however, its only priced at RM 9.90. I immediately pick my color and
decided to take it. Later i asked the salesgirl for a matching earring.
Pssssstttt......... the salesgirl, she's got bad taste....kekekee......and she's bad at matching items too. *rolls eyes* I guess i'd have to find my own earring. And so after looking through the whole store, i manage to find the most matching earring out of the store. Although i still think it doesnt quite match that well but i guess it'll do.

Guess howmuch is the earring???? RM 19.90. expensive lah.......
But i liked it and since there was some discount (10% or so i can't remember exactly....sorrylah old already haha) I told them to wrapped it up and it made my day!!!

Fashionasia loves them bling blings


Anonymous said...

Ahahahha...I love Bonita..I remember buying this nice clip but it's broken now. I love it so much and they said that pin has a life time warantee to it but I lost the receipt. Cis.

Yoong Family said...

i used to buy stuff for my wife from Axxezz (sp?)

irenekay said...
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irenekay said...

I got lots mine from Thailand and cheap as RM5.... thats where i stock when come to KL, usually i go for flea market...cheaper and nicer...*grinz*

I'm a blardee cheapo when come to earring.... I never spend more that RM10 per earring. Usually I go for RM10 for 3!!!.... :P
The only time I'll spend is for silver stuff.....

lynnee said...

i love the choker! :)

Fashionasia said...

skay: oh so i've heard its lifetime warranty too!!! But only for the crystal items i think.

simon: whoaaa... you've got taste man!!! lucky wifey. I love axxezz too!!! But its really too pricey if u ask me. Only buy during sales period. And dont buy anything without the brand chop cos take away the packaging it only looks like the cheapy RM 5 stuffs frm petaling street.

irenekay: u lucky girl u getto go thailand n china to stock up!!! Id love to go to HK to stock up!!! btw bonita also got RM10 for 3 earrings leh.hehe

Lee: GRRRrrrr!!!!....ANTENNA?????!!! :P Godd thing this is only RM 9.90, if its 99.90 i might just choke you with it. kekeke

lynnee: Thanks!! i got 1 more lagi chun-ted. leave it for next fashion reveal.

lynnee said...

looks forward to seeing the other "more chun-ted" choker :D