Thursday, June 02, 2005

Split Ends? Take care of your crowning glory with Ego-Boost!

As they say your hair is your crowning glory. Why women would spend hundreds of ringgits per month on their hair? Truth be told. We love to be beautiful. When my hair feels soft n silky and tangle free, thats when I feel my self confidence arise and that is when i feel beautiful. And a women that feels they are beautiful can accomplish great things. (like making men their slaves.....hehe and thats another story).

Haircare products sells because women will try anything to make their hair softer, smoother,straighter.....etc.

As I attest to before that I have very long locks, the reason I manage to grow my hair to the current 3 feet length totally attributed to the fact that I'm naturally blessed with beautiful straight hair. No rebonding required. Although at times when i wake-up in the morning it can be a total mess but nothing that a chopstick couldnt handle.

[sample how I tie my hair up when I'm lazy to comb kekekeke.....this is a random pic from google image search]

I've never had any problems with my hair apart from the "kutu" (fleece?) that I suffered wayyyyyy back when I was 5 or 6 years of age contributed by my malay classmate back in kindy days in my kampung.(which resulted in me having to cut off my long locks and spot a bob hairstyle......yucks......was so sad then..... )Other than that, I have pretty healthy hair all a long.

But as i grew my hairs longer I noticed that I have split ends(maybe when it passes the 2 feet mark) and it got pretty bad that i found lots of split ends that I have to regularly snip it off as and when i found one.

Thus, one fine day while I made a trip back to my dads hometown in Penang, I stumbled across a place in the Gurney Shopping Complex where they sell all those haircare products and pampering items. This is the place where I was introduced to the product called Tigi Ego Boost, Split-End mender. I tried it and i must say it works like a charm.

[Visit TIGI ]

I used to use other products like the VO5 leave-in cream and I've also tried stuff from Loreal Elseve but it never worked as well. I haven't tried
Keratese before but it came as highly recommended according to some of my girly-girl blogfriends.

So hear it from Fashionasia, try out the haircare products from TIGI. They have pretty cool stuffs like pineapple fragrance shampoo.....conditioners and so on. If you're in KL well now you can find them in any SASA(sells cosmetics)outlets or SHINS (sell haircare stuffs). The Ego-Boost cost around RM55 or so but worth it cost it lasts pretty long.

Signing Off,

(free advertisement again!!!!- hey must pay me lah!!!! I always advertise for you u know how many girls actually read my blog and heed me advise? I talked about the Maybelline Limited Edition Mascara and It sold out so fast that my recent trip to 1Utama left me on a futile search for the fuschia colored one that i wanted to get. I think Maybelline should pay me commission.....kekeke or at least give me free sample ma!!)


Anonymous said...

Wow. How much is it?

Fashionasia said...

eh ahpink!! btw i love your blog!!
The ego-boost cost around RM55. Abit pricey but lasts quite long.

JellyGirl said...

Ooh I like Tigi! I like Shine Junkie. You've just reminded to go out and stock up on it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy and I once decided to splurge on my hair. Ended up paying about 400 ringgit for the works... cut, wash, dye, plus one hair product. My usual cut only cost max 20 ringgit. o_O but that was the best haircut ever! 400 well spent! The guy got it right the first time. Highly recommended! Patrick from A Cut Above, Midvalley, KL. Just say a guy who moved to China sent you. ;) And lemme know at my site...hehehe ...(if u ever go lar)

Steph said...

Haha...I agree, they ought to pay you...I was like thinking, this girl's got shares in Tigi? ;p

But I know what ya mean...I spend damn little on my hair, as a result...I've got nightmare hair...sigh, those tt refuse to stay straight, I guess it is due to over dyeing, I'm copper with gold streaks now...and sigh, black roots...and sigh, I am damn jealous of great hair...and would go ga ga over hair adv! :P