Monday, June 20, 2005

Miss Me Already?


I guess you guys miss me already. kekekek

Well, well....I'm not exactly in a bright and dandy mood ya know....
I was still in Spore standing the whole day at the booth right from the moment i arrived changi at 9am and transit to Spore expo until like 10pm at night after some networking sessions(and yes i have to attend a COCKtail dinner where you just HAVE TO STAND n mingle around eventhough I've been standing for the whole day- Look ma.... no chairs!!! :P). It doesnt help that I woke up at 5am to get to KLIA in the morning and only slept like a couple of hours before.
Standing with my 3 inch high-heels and yakking non-stop with potential customers......... My big big boss sends me an email that he wants a 5 year proposal plan by Monday. thinks da boss thinks am in the lion city shopping my @sses off n got nothing better to do when i come back during the weekends so i might as well spend my weekend cracking my head while i massage my overly sore feet writing a 5 YEAR PROPOSAL PLAN............You know la we women "ai sui mai mia"<--in hokkien literally translated as "want beauty don't want life". Means women will do anything for the sake of beauty even if it involves severe aggravating pain...sigh........FEET.....IS.....KILLING......ME......

Boohoo... But then again....being a seasoned shopper, nothing can stop me from buying at least SOMETHING from the GSS. Even if it means a mere 15 minutes. I manage to secure 3 yummilicous purchases before the shop closes. *aaaaahh* .......such a great feeling to buy some great buys that i forgot about the sore feet. teeheee......

Damage done: Minimal = SG 54.90
No of Items purchased: 3
Items breakdown :
1 lovely lovely silver flats. YEY!!!!! been looking for silver shoes for ages.
1 morgan de toi bag
1 cute 3/4 sleeve T

oh joy!!! dum dee dee dum......

Signing Off,


mystic said...


Cheh....thot u went there for pure shopping...went for CommunicAsia isit?:p

Reta said...

put up lah pictures =)

Anonymous said...

all that for SG54.90 only? not bad

Fashionasia said...

mystic: how i wish i can just go for a shopping spree..fullstop

cyber-red: Id put up pics of my silver flats soon!! others are nothing to shout about...more of impulse purchases if u ask me...teehee..

sk: ya!! tell me bout me. I spent more on food!! 1 dinner easily cost more than my entire purchase. 1 freaking ice blend cost approx 8 SD already. Thats x 2.3 to RM. fuhyooo......more like fuhhlattt(pants drop) kekekekke.....

Anonymous said... eh...habislah if I go spore like dat. Back here also I spend on food more than clothes. Gosh