Thursday, May 19, 2005

Metallic is in!!

Can't help but noticed that Metallic is back!!
Clothes with material i once swore i'd never wear is now creeping its way back and......hopefully some into my closet too.

Here are some mix and matches that you can go for to achieve the metallic girl look.

Note: If you're a corporate lady, please dont overdo the metallics and go to work looking like a freaking disco ball. Just choose 1 metallic item per day. For example a metallic clutch goes with the white suite. Metallic heels goes with a nice black number....etc. Anyhow, i don't encourage too much metallics for the office. But after office, you can wear metallic anything and everything!

Matellic Satchell from Juicy Culture in Rose Gold Leather

This can be easily matched with this Charles Nolan Metallic pink T, $168,

This tube top. $118, goes great with the luca gold shoulder bag

from, $35.99

What about shoes then?
I found this metallic silver flats and totally fell in lurveeee with it.
from Don Cicillo

Silver or Gold?? I'm a silver kinda girl so normally i'd go for anything silver

But, I know loads of people who loves gold so this Thong Sandal is just as great.

Stuart Weitzman Suede Thong Sandal

Signing off,
(i'm on MC today....cough cough....sniff sniff.....*ahhchoooooo*.....excusemua)

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