Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hiptunes Fashion Belt for your ipod mini

Okay....i feel bad for being a spoilt sport. So i'm doing this post for Miss Ditzy my gal pal partner in Shoe Crime.

To be fashionable with your iPod. Hiptunes Fashion Belt is a must have.

Visit to view a full range of colors available.
I love the silver belt version.

Totally cool. However this is for mini ipod. (Retails at USD29.95)

For iPod users. There isnt much choice. In fact, there isn't any choice. Only one , this one. (retails at USD35)

Cool.....hope this post will inspire more designers to design cool accessories for ipod lovers outthere.

On a side note, remember my post on the Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara?
Well, since it was a public holiday in Malaysia yesterday(Wesak Day), I went out shopping and discovered that Maybelline now have the "Limited Edition" Lash Discovery Mascara. They have 3 fantastic colors. Fuschia, Burgandy and Gold. (Well so far I only saw these 3 colors) Plus, its not only plain colors, it sparkles with added glitters. So me being a sucker for anything "Limited Edition".......bought 1 for myself. I bought the one in Gold from the Guardian Pharmacy in 1Utama (Retails at around RM 20.90, 15% off). I actually was looking for a cool mascara that is in Electric Blue but failed to find any suitable. However, I would like to get all the other colors like fuschia.....OoooOOooo..... The only bad thing about it was that there were no testers available for me to check the colors so I wasnt able to determine which color is best lest i buy all 3. Thus i chose the Gold one........Personally am not a party parson so I guess its only suitable for attending functions although the color is pretty natural looking, i guess its okay to use it for regular outing even. However for you gals who like to party. This is something worth investing on. Definately will accentuate the sparkle in your eyes. Sorry cant find any pics.

Have a Happy Monday!!

Signing Off,


JellyGirl said...

I love that pink belt! Too bad I haven't got an ipod mini.

And the mascara sounds so fun! The gold sounds great...can't get pictures? Then you'll just have to take pictures of your own eyes and post! :P

Fashionasia said...

Take a picture of the mysterious mua?? nnonono.....cannot....
I've been told i got "beaaauuutiful eyes that can speak"...ahem ahem....too dangerous to post my eyes else I'll attract too much unnecessary traffic to my blog.