Monday, March 28, 2005

Saturday Rendezvous

Well, i was in desperate need for my regular therepeutic shopping session so i went shopping on Saturday.
I drove myself to Kelana Jaya LRT station to park my car there and took the LRT downtown to Pasar Seni station and thought i'd go to Petaling Street for a shopping rendezvous.

Turning into the carpark i found myself a pretty parking space, just a couple of steps from the station. I counted myself pretty lucky to find that place coz it was going to rain and that it is usually almost impossible to find a parking lot that near. Ah....a begining of a great day......

I slot my little car, pull the handbreak, came out, lock the car and breezly walk off.

Then this indian boy on a motorbike came over and asked if i would like to have my car washed. I quickly said no thanks no need and continued walking. He tailed me and kept begging me to wash my car saying its only very cheap and we clean very nicely...yadda yadda...... Fine, i asked

me: "how much?"
boy: "7 ringgit only miss".
me: " 7 ringgit ah? sangat mahal la tu" ,
boy: pretending "okla 5 ringgit sajala bagi u, lain kali 7 ya"
me: " mana ada lain kali 7, lain kali pun 5 lah"
(proceeded to take out 5 ringgit note cos i my car totally needs a bath!! cant remember when was the last time i washed my car and there were couple of birdshits here and there so i thought.....okla since im in a good mood i'll give it a go. Afterall, my collegue got his car washed at the same place before and they did it quite nicely.)
So i gave him the note. No receipt, i didnt ask for one either.
me: " ingat ah, mesti cuci. polish cantik cantik"
boy:"yes yes,.......MUAHAAAHAHAAA"

So after my rendezvous in Petaling Street (Details will be covered in my next entry). I came back. It was drizzling and i thought.....shoot, i shouldnt have paid for the carwash. But well, we'll see how well is the job done.

I walk to my car, look from far....hmmmmm......not bad looking. Then go nearer and eyebrows automatically formed the V.
Shoot!!!! I've been doped. The birdshits and whatever shits were still THERE!!!ALL THERE!!!! ARrghhghhhg ....@$#I*$@!@@$$%^&*!!!!!!!! and i dont have any receipt to proof that i've paid for it....

Me: *mumblegrumble mumblegrumble*......(drove the car out of the parking lot and proceed to the toll booth to pay parking) finee.....u do this to me....i will complain to your boss......when i see the guy in the toll booth i will complain about you and you'll get wacked left and right.

I reached the tollbooth, looked into the tollbooth ...." eh....your.....Hey!!!! you!!!!" (The same indian boy was inside the tollbooth collecting money).
me : *take a deep breath*.... *fire fire fire* ...* shoot shoot shoot*..."give back my money"....*fire fire fire*..."shoot shoot shoot"......"complain to your boss then u know".......
boy : "de fella suppose to wash .......go back ledi"
me : " i dont care u gimme back my money or elseeeee"
boy : *looked rather threatened took out the 5 ringgit note.....but then realized i need to pay the parking, then took 3 ringgit and gave it to me.......
me : *took back my money* "hmppphhhhh!!!!! complain to your boss baru tau!" ......drove away

Then the sky was dark and it rained heavily.......i got my free car wash....

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