Saturday, February 26, 2005

Over the weekend

Things to do over the weekend

1.Buy a handbag
  • preferably from GUESS. saw something i really liked last week on the guess website.
2. Get myself a pair of colored contacts
  • im thinking blue would be nice. I owned a pair of brown and violet one....need either a blue or grey. And it must be permenant lenses cos the disposable ones can only last for a month or so, which would not be worth it cos id probably just wear them once a month!
3. Figure out how to upload pics on my blog.
4. Figure out how to run a webstore
5. Write a cheque
6. Finish my current reading
  • the book im reading now is entitled " Jack, Straight from the gut" by Jack Welch. In case you dont know who he is, he is one of the former CEO's of GE. A powerful guy, and funny too. I dont know but i just love to read bibliography of successful ppl . Most of my friends are reading Da Vincci Code and Digital Fortress and so on but such books dont appeal to me at all.
7. If i finish or almost finish this book, i'd stop-by the bookstore while shopping for item 1 & 2 , to buy a new book.

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